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Artificial Intelligence is the future. It’s a bit terrifying and amusing at the same time.

I was able to saw a documentary called “AlphaGo” and it is really mind-boggling for me. AlphaGo by Google is basically a computer program that plays the board game “Go” against human .

Fan Hui, a 2 dan European Go champion was sent to compete against Alpha Go and the latter was able to win all of the 5 matches. I am really perplexed by how powerful the AlphaGo is.

Later on AlphaGo competed with Lee Sedol (ranked 9-dan), one of the best players of…

My shoppee daily discover

That’s it. That’s the evidence. I am a fashion enthusiast.

A lot of people tell me “Queenie, you have way too many clothes.” But I always shrug and think that I always don’t have enough clothes, people are subjective anyway. I find myself almost everyday thinking “Gosh. I don’t have enough clothes.”

But when I learned about machine learning, the reality struck hard. I do spend a lot of time looking for clothes to buy. I am too enthusiastic with clothes.

My shoppee daily discover almost always recommends clothes for me which often leads me to making an impulse purchase…

According to Investopedia, statistics is a form of mathematical analysis that makes use of quantified models, representations, and synopses on a given set of data, be it experimental or real life data.

To me, personally, statistics is just another intimidating mathematical science subject, but we see it almost everyday and can make use of it in the aspect of our day to day lives.

As an aspiring data scientist, I have no choice but to embrace statistics, as it is somehow intertwined with my field of interest. A data scientist would definitely be working with data, probably like a unicorn…

Let me tell you a story about insurance, but first you have to bare with me as I am not yet proficient with the tool that I will be using to paint you a picture.

I was able to acquire an anonymous data about insurance and I would like to gather some insights about it. I will try to make use of pandas and matplotlib libraries . Let’s have a look with the data first.

For the day 5 of our data science training, we continued learning python. We picked up from where we left off and on set to new knowledge. This session is much more challenging because the pacing of the lessons is a whole lot faster.

For this week’s task, we were asked to recalibrate our quiz that we made the Saturday before. What is expected to this new version of quiz is to include CRUD techniques (create, read, update, delete).

As a refresher, let me show you the original quiz I made:


So as you can see at the top part…

As an aspiring data scientist, I get to learn a lot of new things and while in my previous blog, I was able to mention that I had taken Python programming before, I am only familiar with coding using IDE and using text editor app like notepad++ and sublime. But recently I found out about notebooks!

Notebooks are very cool. They were very effective to use when teaching. Our IM, Sir Myk, and Junior DS, Shane, both used notebook when they were teaching us.

What I like with notebooks is that you can have a portion for texts including formats…

Last Saturday (20200912) I got completely lost with our hands on activity with google colab. But with the help of the materials graciously provided to us by our in-house Junior data scientist, Shane, I was able to practice and to see some light. Let’s visit my journey.

This is where I stopped last Saturday. I got completely lost when we started using the github.

I am now following this link. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zxm03eDfWy8gDdyFtYRDr2Hf01rSLmKRz2Qv30vrMxU/edit#heading=h.dyvdx1vxlkac

Here is my github account :) link: https://github.com/ftwqueenie

I took 6 units of computer science when I was an undergraduate student. Those were introduction to python programming and Object oriented Programming. I should be no stranger to command line coding, and especially not a stranger to python. However, as fate have it, having no avenue to practice all those sleepless coding nights, it’s as if it never happened to me.

As I take this journey towards the much yearned Data Science career, I am tasked to retrace my steps and relearn python coding. I’m ecstatic to find out that while I can not recreate the codes on my…

Queenie Pamatian

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